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Hayley swore that she would be doing her best to help the people during the short time she expected to be there, but, once she found out that she was going to be there for a few weeks, she went to the UN compound which turned out to be a resort-like setting with buffet food.

The men are leading the charge and the men are doing all of these great things in the story and the woman's just kind of there as an action piece.

Jon then erased Hayley's name from his notebook and scribbled Lynne's on instead.

This triggered a furious outburst from Hayley and she began attacking her classmates, even beating some of them to the point of unconsciousness and even threw one out a window.

While expecting to serve 10 years for counterfeiting IDs in "Faking Bad", the real counterfeiter, her brother Steve, presents her with a fake ID giving her the age of 29, making her 19 at the time. She is a casual user of marijuana, helps the homeless in "Threat Levels", is in favor of gun control in "Stannie Get Your Gun", is intelligent, beating Roger in a battle of wits in "Jack's Back", and promotes saving the environment in "Finances With Wolves".

Hayley majors in women's history at Groff Community College.

In "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever" it was revealed that she was born on a trip to Africa after Stan ignored doctors advice who said Francine would give birth any day.

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