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02-Jun-2016 15:49

Syria had an estimated 4 million Internet users in 2010, or a fifth of its population, according to data from Freedom House, a U. Egypt had a 24 percent Internet penetration rate, while just over a third of Tunisians were online. Despite taking on some big forces, Lewis is in good spirits — for once, he has had a proper night’s sleep. At times, he has done 24-hour stretches subsisting on coffee and frozen pizzas.All countries had seen their rates at least double since 2005, even though they remained behind the U. So he can chat with contacts in other time zones, he usually does his “first shift” from midnight until 5 a.m. “It’s much to the annoyance of my parents,” Lewis says.’ ” Telecomix is one of a clutch of Western groups trying to boost Internet freedom in the Middle East. Navy scientists, Tor is now a free and popular tool for “anonymizing” Internet connections.

“The more you know, the more you can help,” he murmurs, as his scan of Syria’s cyberspace throws up lists of servers.As the Arab Spring took hold this year, toppling three autocrats and rattling several others, the group’s focus shifted to the Middle East. Today, Telecomix is a loose, leaderless movement, with members in Sweden, the United States, France and Germany.