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At his room, the women of the village are one after another sent up to try and take care of the matter. The famous late swedish troubadour Cornelis Vreeswijk would occasionally appear with a short tune.

Personal comment (2012-03-14): My cousin had, in 2009 I believe, told me about this one and referred to it as a "must watch", so I shortly after picked it up but eh, it's not very good.

The show was partly a musical, with songs here and there sung by the characters.

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Genres/Categories are sorted after how prominent they are. My personal comments aren't really necessary to read, I just thought I'd share my thoughts on some of these.Estradhypnos r ju frbjuden och Rolfino har anmlts flera gnger.19 frikndes han, men 1981 blev det 800 kronor i bter.Allan Preussen(Claes Eriksson) sits in his chair and introduces various TV programs.

The programs are parodies of news, entertainment, sports, commercials and more. It consisted of six half-hour episodes and was a mixture of several kinds of entertainment.I've not seen it in a while, I know there's a DVD which I've been meaning to get but I don't think all of it is included on the DVD so I guess I'd rather wait until I find somewhere to see all of it instead.. The members of the group are Anders Eriksson, Claes Eriksson, Jan Rippe, Kerstin Granlund, Knut Agnred, Per Fritzell, and Peter Rangmar (deceased).