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The lateral walls, especially their middle area, are relatively more rigid.Because of this, the collapsed vagina has an H-shaped cross section.Along with pleasure and bonding, women's sexual behavior with others (which can include heterosexual or lesbian sexual activity) can result in sexually transmitted infections (STIs), the risk of which can be reduced by recommended safe sex practices. The vagina and vulva have evoked strong reactions in societies throughout history, including negative perceptions and language, cultural taboos, and their use as symbols for female sexuality, spirituality, or regeneration of life.In common speech, the word vagina is often used to refer to the vulva or to the female genitals in general.

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Supporting the vagina are its upper third, middle third and lower third muscles and ligaments.

In mammals, the vagina is the fibromuscular, tubular part of the female genital tract extending, in humans, from the vulva to the cervix.