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05-Apr-2016 10:39

Though their findings don’t suddenly deem hazing acceptable, they do give insight as to why sororities haze and why pledges tolerate it.

If you think that hazing is just like an episode of Greek, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Contrary to popular belief, hazing is more than the cruel and unusual stories you hear from “a friend of a friend.” Sometimes, hazing isn’t as obvious as you’d think!

According to the University of Rochester, even mundane tasks can be considered hazing, like: But these seem harmless! Whether you feel like these examples are coercive or not, the bottom line is that if you’re pressured to do it, it’s probably hazing.

While most pledges are ordered to remain mum about hazing, some real life stories slip out. Cornell University took the initiative to post hazing incidents online. Two years ago, a Sigma Gamma Rho pledge from Rutgers University ended up in the hospital.

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Sorority hazing is not always a “girls only” event: frat bros are sometimes thrown into the mix.Recently, Dartmouth College graduate Ravital Segal blogged about her near-death experience when she was being hazed:“I was content with my decision until, one night during the rush process, I was blindfolded with two of my fellow pledges.

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