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12-Oct-2016 19:42

After watching the first session of General Conference at the request of my parents these videos were a breath of fresh air. I believe that sex is a sacred thing to be enjoyed by a husband and wife alone, and pornography turns it into a game, and causes you to hunger for something that is not good. The church tells them they are horrible because of them.

Real, practical, significant insight and help vs mindless brainwashing and emotional programing. My biggest problem with pornography really has little to do with the sexual aspect of it. But that doesn’t mean its not worth, and that doesn’t mean its not true. And it destroys them, UNLESS they can realize that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I think it’s important not to punish yourself for it, or torment yourself.

I think the devil will like us to focus and consume ourselves over this.

I’m sure there were many more, maybe the whole quorum.

For years and years I had beat myself up over it, and like the man shown here, I was constantly looking for the magic key that would help me overcome it once and for all and I always assumed I was the worst guy in the room.

Once while discussing my problem with a Bishop at BYU (who compounded my guilt by convincing me I had an addiction), he confided in me that about half the boys in the elders quorum were dealing with pornography and working with him.

and im speaking of the Jesus of the bible, not the mormon Jesus.

I couldn’t agree more with what was said by Kerri, the solution is to remove the church, be real, face the issue with a rational mind. To notice how something seemingly innocent has crippled your life, and then to go forward honestly trying to make it better is a huge part of life.

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