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03-Oct-2016 22:13

The goal of this operation is to eliminate and prevent built and entrenched homeless camps in the Ventura River.

The local measure would contain strict accountability requirements: - By law, all funds would remain in the City and could not be taken by Sacramento - Annual independent financial audits and a citizens’ committee will ensure all funds are properly spent - A public review of expenditures would be required - All City budgets are discussed at public meetings during the budget process so that the public can provide input on spending priorities.

And, with a local sales tax, the millions of tourists who spend money on lodging and other taxable items will also contribute to the cost of maintaining the City.

Ventura is 150 years old — the oldest city in the county — and our aging infrastructure is showing wear and tear.

Social service providers seek to assist individuals to find appropriate housing in Ventura, or unite them with family or friends if they desire, and get them the medical attention and other services they need to mitigate the impact on our community.

While it is not illegal to be homeless, it is illegal to camp on public or private property without written permission.

Owners of the property in the Ventura River have been mowing the arundo (invasive non-native plant species) that grows in the river.