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7 (*Eager Beaver*) served with 368th BS, 306th BG at Thurleighh.

Transferred May 1, 1944 to AF Service Command and returned to USA Jul 1944.

24483 (91st BG, 322nd BS, "Spirit of Alcohol") shot down by Lt. 24484 (91st BG, 401st BS, "The Bad Egg") crashlanded and hit a jeep on Anderw Field, UK Dec 31, 1943. The plane was taken to a repair group, where front half joined B-17G 42-31229.

Heinz Knoke in Bf 109G of JG 11/5 and crashed into Kiel Bay, Germanyh May 19, 1943. 24485 (91st BG, 324th BS, "Memphis Belle") was first B-17 to complete 25 combat missions over Europe. Reported Oct 2004 to be under restoration by Memphis Belle Memorial Association at Millinton, TN.

MACR 1940 3524 (527th BS, 379th BG, 'Vonnie Gal') hit by AAA Jul 20, 1944, made emergency landing at Payerne, Switzerland and interned. Returned to UK at end of war and scrapped Sept 25, 1945. MACR 1885 3531 (305th BG, 365th BS) shot down by Ogfr Wilhelm Krauter in Bf 109G-6 of JG 1/7 at Zuidbroek, Groeingen, Netherlands Nov 26, 1943. (100th BG, 349th BS, *Ol'Dad*) lost Apr 27, 1944 on mission to Le Culot, France. Assigned to 385th BG at Great Ashfield Sep 9, 1943. MACR 4266 3538 (94th BG, 333rd BS, "Ten Knights In A Bar Room") shot down by Lt Jacob Schaus in Bf 110 of NJG 4/4 1/5 Km S of Chenay, France Oct 4, 1943 on Emden raid. Assigned to 549th BS, 385th BG at Greater Ashfield. MACR 2011 3542 salvaged May 21, 1945 3543 (MSN 8479, 96th BG, 338th BS, "Sack Time Susy") force landed Oct 9, 1943 at Bulltofta, Sweden and interned by Sweden. Converted to airliner configuration and registered Jan 24, 1944 as SE-BAH "Sam" and owned by Swedish crown but operated by ABA. 3560 (351st BG, 510th BS, then to 508th BS, "Salty Dog") ditched in North Sea Nov 26, 1943 while returning from Bremen. 42-6104 Lockheed/Vega B-17F-45-VE Fortress MSN 6326/6400. Boeing B-17F built by Lockheed-Vega Airplane Company as part of pooled production. MACR 2754 6033 reclamation completed Childress AAF, TX Jun 7, 1946 6034 to RFC Walnut Ridge Sep 17, 1945 6035 to RFC Altus Jul 28, 1945 6036 delivered to Long Beach Jun 30, 1943, to Amarillo Jul 7, 1943, to Dallas Aug 9, 1943. 6063 to RFC Walnut Ridge Dec 14, 1945 6064 surveyed Dalhart AAF TX Nov 30, 1943.

3525 with 482nd BG received prototype installation of Oboe II/Albumleaf radar, flew first experimental sortie night Nov 11/12, 1943. Transferred to 337th BS, 96th BG then to 339th BS, 96th BG at Snetterton Sep 9, 1943. Shot down by Uffz Hans Oeckel in Bf 109G-6 of JG26/12 near Holten, Netherlands Oct 10, 1943. 3 KIA, 4 POW, 3 crew evaded, 3540 (381st BG, 535th BS, 'Bacta-th'Sac') hit by AAA and crashed Huy, Belgium Dec 1, 1943. 3541 (96th BG, 339th BS, 'Little Girls') damaged by fighters during raid on Bordeaux, France and ditched in Bay of Biscay Jan 5, 1944. Scrapped Sept 1946 and used for firefighting practice. MACR 4477 3545 (95th BG, 334th BS) lost Jan 29, 1944. 3559 (379th BG, 526th BS, "Stardust") shot down by AAA at Rotterdam, Netherlands Dec 1, 1943. 10 rescued 3562 (381st BG, 532rd BS) shot down by AAA Feb 20, 1944, Leipzig, Germany. 6030 to RFC Walnut Ridge Dec 14, 1945 6031 collided with another B-17 41-24621 over Gulf of Mexico Sept 10, 1943. To civil registry as N7942A 6065 to RFC Walnut Ridge Sep 17, 1945 6066 to RFC Walnut Ridge Jan 21, 1946 6067 reclamation completed Biggs CAF Aug 30, 1946 6068 to RFC Altus Sep 18, 1945 6069 to RFC Walnut Ridge Sep 25, 1945 6070 to RFC Albuquerque Aug 2, 1945 6071 crashed during night landing in bad weather near Wellfleet, Nebraska Apr 10, 1945. Reclamation completed Mc Cook AAF NB Apr 20, 1945 6072 to RFC Altus Oct 9, 1945 6073 (MSN 6369) to RFC Santa Anna AAF, CA Sep 22, 1945.

Nose section was sent to the Mighty Eighth Airforce Museum near Savannah, and is still on display there..

24488 (306th BG, 369th BS, "Banshee II") shot down by Oblt. 3461 after service with 92nd BG, converted to Aphrodite flying bomb and launched against V-sites at Wizernes Aug 4, 1944.

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MACR 15445 5 KIA, 9 (306th BG, 367th BS, "Terry and the Pirates") shot down by fighters over France Dec 20, 1942. 42-3482 Douglas-Long Beach B-17F-65-DL Fortress MSN 8385/8418 3449 (306th BG) hit by flak during bomb run over Nantes Sep 23, 1943, causing bomb doors to jam open and one fuel tank to leak. 3453 (94th BG, 333rd BS, flown by 96th BG crew) shot down by AAA near Schweinfurt, Germany Oct 14, 1943. 3455 (384th BG, 546th BS, *Lucky Thirteen*) shot down by Uffz Kahlhammer in Fw 190A-5/UA of SKG 10/3 at Clermont, France Sep 6, 1943 on mission to Stuttgart, Germany. 3462 (95th BG, 336th BS, "San Antonio Rose") lost Feb 21, 1944, Germany. RAF record card for Oxford BG605 states aircraft crashed near Cambridge, England Aug 4, 1943 after colliding with this B-17.Given to Williamsport Technical Institute, Williamsport, Pennsylvania after the war for use in an aeronautical program.

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