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In the mid-1700s, the bell flare increased, crooks fell out of use, and flat, removable stays were replaced by tubular braces.

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From the 15th to the 19th centuries, the instrument designs changed very little overall, apart from a slight widening of the bell in classical era.The next word to appear in the 15th century that implied a slide was the sackbut group of words.There are two theories for the sources: it is either derived from the Middle French sacquer (to pull) and bouter (to push) or from the Spanish sacar (to draw or pull) and bucha (a tube or pipe). Closely related to sackbut was the name used in France: sacqueboute and in Spain, where it was sacabuche.In Italy it was (and remains) trombone, which derived from trumpet in the Latin tromba or drompten, used in the Low Countries.

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The first records of it being used are around 1440, but it is not clear whether this was just a nickname for a trumpet player.Some modern sackbut reproductions use glue as a compromise to give a loose fitting for high resonance without risk of falling apart.

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