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After finishing their chores, they go to the prayer-room.When they reappear after prayer, their clothes are spotlessly clean.On the way to Kashi, the group reached the ashram (hermitage) of a pious and venerable sage, Kukkutswami.

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But after his wedding, Pundalik begins ill-treating his parents.Then, they vanish as inexplicably as they had appeared.Pundalik was not moved to raise an alarm, but feels a deep sense of peace witnessing the scene." Pundalik is utterly shocked and his consciousness transforms.

He realizes his misdeeds, becomes entirely devoted to his parents and ensures their comfort, even risking his own. Impressed by Pundalik's devotion to his parents, Visnu planned to bless Pundalik immediately.So, he left Vaikuntha (His abode) for Pundalik’s ashram.