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Clubs Chartered The Brandeis Student Senate chartered the Physics Club.Its goals are to provide a broader forum than the classroom for students interested in physics.Students' name, phone number and mail box must be on the back of each piece. Office of Academic Affairs has announced Dean drop-in hours, an opportunity for students to sign up for 10 minute appointment with a Dean in Academic Affairs to ask quick questions regarding academic rules and regulations. The pro- gram is sponsored by the Latin American Studies Program.

He was a cross-coimtry runner in high school, niembers of his high school community held the first annual Robert's Run last year to raise money to support the Robert Bookston Memorial Fund. James Madison Fellowship F*rogram, a fellowship avaiiabh? .sec- ondary school teachers of Americ^an history, Amc^rican gov ernment or .social studies, is available by calling Professor Peter Witt at xfj2()02.

Lasciate raffreddare poi distribuite nei vasetti cospargendo di basilico tritato, riempite di olio facendo attenzione che non vi rimangano bolle d’aria.

Aiutatevi con una forchetta così che le fette vengano ben distribuite,comprimete un poco,attemdete almeno mezza giornata prima di chiudere definitivamente,così se l’olio cala potete aggiungerne d’altro.

Interested parties should contact Daniel Losk at x 9731 1. Once again, the money will be used to maintain the Memorial CJarden. The demonstration is to demand a professionally run campus- wide recycling program from the administration.

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Second annual Robert's Run to be held The Brookline Raptors and the Brookline High School Cross Country team would like to invite Brandeis students to compete in the second annual Robert's Run . Robert Hookston's '00 memory has survived him at Bran- deis with the founding of the Gay. Please ('ontact Debra I*ace, assistant cross-r-ountry coach at Brookline High School at (fil7; 734-9689 for further informa- tion and applications. cycling: Kveryone Actively Coming Together) will be holding a rally on Nov. Please call the Environmental office at xf477H with any questions.Kngaging Against Negative Sub- stances (CLEANS) and the Health Educa- tion Leadership Program (HELP) will sjionsor maiiy of the events and activities duriniz the month. -Rajat Chopra Hillel reaches out to community Generations, a Hillel sponsored group that conducts programs for Senior Citi- zens throughout the year, prepared its members for the holiday season at an event last night.

Moving into our love story – when Arjun, a high-end business man falls for a chawl girl, how he does things for her, becomes a mechanic, gives up his luxurious lifestyle and sacrifices everything to get her, is awesome. Reality is a little bit different, but then television is like that, even though I don’t connect with it at times. I think it is regressive – actually more than regressive, it is repetitive.… continue reading »

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“There is a lot more to this story than the uniformed negativity coming from certain blog sites and radio personalities,” she said. That will not stop me from telling my story of my decade with Mike.” Bella also denied she's a bitter ex who wants to hurt Michael, and revealed that she was forced to come forward with her story after being told by Recently, Bella and I got on the phone so I could get a little more familiar with her relationship with Michael.… continue reading »

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Here at e Harmony we believe there's a better approach to online dating than being bombarded with profiles and pictures.… continue reading »

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The Grand Hotel is located on the corner of Bolton and Church Streets.… continue reading »

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Earliest reports for Shumen fortress date back to the early Iron Age.… continue reading »

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