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01-Dec-2016 04:22

In an industry obsessed with analytic automation, one can only imagine the areola-recognition algorithms that arose to meet this challenge.

The Snowden documents reveal no specific discussion of the legal or privacy implication of collecting and storing webcam information in the first place, however.

Even assuming that these agencies adhere strictly to the letter of the law, their ability to spy on their own citizens might be impeded only slightly, if at all.

President Obama made waves earlier this month with a promise that no international ally has been given a “no spy” exemption from NSA’s prying eyes — a statement that reportedly distressed several governments who had believed themselves to be under the protection of just such a deal.

The implication is that narrowing the target group would allow denser data collection.

Yahoo has understandably voiced strong denunciations of the program, calling it a “whole new level” of violation of their users’ privacy.

Agents are instructed to select these records for viewing purely through their metadata tags, and only when those tags implied that a particular webcam image was relevant to an ongoing investigation.

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And hey, it could save them some embarrassment too.

(Read: How to use the 25% of the internet that the NSA doesn’t monitor.)From basic privacy concerns to possible future blackmail, this is a revelation that strikes most internet users harder than metadata collection or Google cookie exploits.