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08-Apr-2016 03:12

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I was intrigued to hear that the debate then became tribalistic and I wondered who had sampled all those women from so many tribes in Zed? This was getting more controversial as the journey wore on.By now, I had well and truly missed my stop but was trying to listen to more on not what they presumed was the reason but on what was the actual reason that drove Nigerian men towards the Zambian women.I listened on as one man suggested that Nigerian women are not as domesticated when it comes to housework; then the other man interjected that Nigerian women can’t even reach the bedroom standards of Zambian women as he had been lucky enough to ‘sample’ but was rather disappointed as to how distasteful it was due to the lack of flavour!Holding my breath, I now had to use one hand to cover my nose and mouth before erupting into rapturous laughter!Should Zambian men should just up their game a bit and become more aggressively enterprising and not be afraid to think and act outside the box?

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At first, I thought they can’t possibly be Zambian until I heard them say, “…buti iwe naiwe, these chaps they’re taking away awa women!

) And this is my point here; there are many Zambian men who don’t appreciate that good Zambian woman and opt to mistreat her thinking they can get better elsewhere and expect to be able to do a u-turn and return to her simply because they can do so and she should still be there.

Zambian women are not generally loud, argumentative, aggressive or boisterous and confrontational in nature and there’s something innocent and humble in their character.

The word ‘fail’ does not exist in their vocabulary.

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They are pushed beyond all boundaries in order to get what they need to be able to get what they want in order to succeed in life. Okay, we’ve all heard about their alleged global fraudulent financial activities but this could be a standard common denominator forming a constant cycle for cause and effect in the survival stakes and everyday life.

Countless Nigerian men have commented on this trait and rarely find it in Nigerian women but most certainly do so in Zambian women and treasure it; like a semi-precious stone she must shine, not to be mistreated or misplaced.

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